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Sunday, March 22, 2009

#4 BFFSatan

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With a name like BFFSatan, my mind came up with a rather intricate plot line about some kid being best friends with a Marilyn Manson style Satan.
Don't ask me why...it's weird like that.

Instead what we have here is a completely random serious of strips and pages. None really relating to one another. Given it does start having a semi-plot after a while...but even then it's still pretty random.
Also the artwork reminds me a great deal of a 4-year old's crayon drawings...not that it's a bad thing. It actually fits the style of the comic pretty well.

This is more of the kind of comic I'd suggest for someone who just wants to read some jokes (some of which are even funny)...
But if you're looking for an actually thriving story, I suggest you look somewhere else.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

#3 Putrid Meat

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"You're more then likely a fugitive of some kinda...you scare Nuns...I hate you...you've puked six times while you've been here...you're blissfully unaware of the snot hanging outa your nose...You're Hired!"

God I wish all job interviews went like that! How much easier life would be...

I don't even pretend to know what exactly is going on in this comic. I probably would've if I'd read it when I wasn't half asleep and hungover, but hey that's life. And this good thing I can say, if this comic can give someone with a pounding headache and the squirts amusement then it sure as hell should be able to satisfy anyone.

I did manage to pick at some thing with a bit of brain power however! The main character, Bones, is quite the spaz...he reminds me a great deal of my brother (for better or for worse) with hair that befits an 80's rock star. He also apparently lives under the bed of a hooker...the looks of which terrifies me and give me the sudden urge to piss.

As in previously quoted job interview, he becomes a garbage man...This part thrills me because it leads to a few scenes that could have come straight from Repo the Genetic Opera. Along with a man in a black trench who could be the long lost brother of the Graverobber who demands the livers of dead prostitutes.

The artwork and story pretty much take over your brain and send on what seems like a bizarre acid trip, and I mean that in a positive way!

"So the secrete ingredient is people?" "Course not it's the basil."

That line made me snort my coffee and spray it on the computer screen at the same time.

Honestly, you people should love this. The gore and weirdness of Putrid Meat makes it a classic in my book of webcomics.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

#2 Interim State

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"There are rules, people think that there are none, that we do whatever we want,but they are wrong...there just aren't many..."

Who wouldn't those opening lines intrigue?
Especially when it's followed by a slightly creepy intro that seems to suck you right into the story. And if that doesn't get you, maybe the fact it's set in purgatory will. Who doesn't love a good after-life story after all?
Of course I'm liking it as soon as I see a wordless page in the intro. Un-narrated scenes are always a soft spot for me. The fact that the artist can so perfectly keep the story going without any aid by fancy words is still amazing to me.
Right off we're introduced to our main character, who in some ways makes me think very much of Aragorn ( as Tolkien intended him to be...not Peter Jackson. )
There are a few mild typos floating around it seems, but nothing the artwork doesn't make up for x10. The nearly non-stop action keeps coming at you, which is great for those of us who enjoy a good dose of violence every now n then.
As for me, I've already found that Leonael , the messenger, is by far my favorite character in this story....even though I imagine his speaking like Keanu Reeves quite often.
On a final note, I adore the fact that Adam Worth ( the Napoleon of the criminal world ) has shown his face. This brings the comic up fifty-points on my line.

All in all, I really am quite enthralled by this comic and cannot wait to see more. An excellent supernatural, action packed comic that you really should check out!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

#1 The Hub

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The hub is an odd, wonderfully drawn story that starts off with a twist immediately.
As happens after most nights of heavy drinking, the main character ends up in a bizarre place with no recollection of how he ended up there. With obscenities flying in pretty much every page, the story takes off and keeps the laughs and "what the fucks" coming at an unstoppable rate. Beware the nun....the strange, unnerving nun who has haunted my nightmares since I laid eyes on her and her rantings of the Demon God.
Actually seems like my kinda woman.
Also reading this comic may make you have an unnatural craving for Vermin Ale.
Of course we can't forget the yummy bartender. Sarcastic and curvy...with slight mental issues...what more could you ask for?

All in all this comic is a wonderful bit of work, the stunning art work and plot line make this one I would suggest to anyone who enjoys some good laughs and has a taste in off the wall things to check out.

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