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Sunday, March 22, 2009

#4 BFFSatan

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With a name like BFFSatan, my mind came up with a rather intricate plot line about some kid being best friends with a Marilyn Manson style Satan.
Don't ask me why...it's weird like that.

Instead what we have here is a completely random serious of strips and pages. None really relating to one another. Given it does start having a semi-plot after a while...but even then it's still pretty random.
Also the artwork reminds me a great deal of a 4-year old's crayon drawings...not that it's a bad thing. It actually fits the style of the comic pretty well.

This is more of the kind of comic I'd suggest for someone who just wants to read some jokes (some of which are even funny)...
But if you're looking for an actually thriving story, I suggest you look somewhere else.

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Check out BFFSatan on Drunk Duck.

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