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Friday, March 20, 2009

#2 Interim State

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"There are rules, people think that there are none, that we do whatever we want,but they are wrong...there just aren't many..."

Who wouldn't those opening lines intrigue?
Especially when it's followed by a slightly creepy intro that seems to suck you right into the story. And if that doesn't get you, maybe the fact it's set in purgatory will. Who doesn't love a good after-life story after all?
Of course I'm liking it as soon as I see a wordless page in the intro. Un-narrated scenes are always a soft spot for me. The fact that the artist can so perfectly keep the story going without any aid by fancy words is still amazing to me.
Right off we're introduced to our main character, who in some ways makes me think very much of Aragorn ( as Tolkien intended him to be...not Peter Jackson. )
There are a few mild typos floating around it seems, but nothing the artwork doesn't make up for x10. The nearly non-stop action keeps coming at you, which is great for those of us who enjoy a good dose of violence every now n then.
As for me, I've already found that Leonael , the messenger, is by far my favorite character in this story....even though I imagine his speaking like Keanu Reeves quite often.
On a final note, I adore the fact that Adam Worth ( the Napoleon of the criminal world ) has shown his face. This brings the comic up fifty-points on my line.

All in all, I really am quite enthralled by this comic and cannot wait to see more. An excellent supernatural, action packed comic that you really should check out!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! If you like Worth just wait untill Chapter 2, which is only a couple weeks away.


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